Business Start Up

Start-Up Package

After working with so many businesses over the years that have come to me for help, needing assistance to fix the operation and inner workings of their business, failing to set it up correctly the first time or perhaps it’s just gotten on top of them after experiencing their first growth, I decided to create a Full Start-Up Package to assist new entrepreneurs through the first initial stages of their business.

It’s so important to set everything up the right way from the start to avoid unnecessary stress, time and loss of money down the track.  If you don’t have the right glue sticking everything together, it just falls apart, and none of us wants that.

A service created specifically for Business Start-Ups, check out the full package details below.

Start-Up package includes:

  • Creation of Administrative Accounts – email, accounting and integrating platforms

  • Create Email & Online Filing System

  • Create a Document Register

  • Create Logo (if required, 1 revision)

  • Create a Style Guide using Logo and brand colours

  • Create Templates: letter template, HR templates, email templates (8 in total – client to decide which ones from list or can customise for you)

  • Create Website (Wix or WordPress)

  • Create Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

  • Create Marketing Calendar for 2 months (includes research of your competition, content & pictures, SEO and hashtag document

  • Business Strategy– Business Manual

  • Business Card Design and Printing

  • 1 x Business Consultations (30 minutes) to help guide you through the initial stages

Value $5,500