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How It Works


After initial contact to Perth Virtual Services, I arrange a meeting time suitable to you, to learn more about your business, about you and what it is you want to achieve through our services.

We ensure we have a clear understanding of your needs prior to commencement of services.

Once you have confirmed you would like to engage Perth Virtual Services, I will send you a suite of forms to complete and sign.  These must be returned prior to our commencement.  I will then make further contact to see if there are any final questions you have, and away we go!

At no time are you locked into a contract, if you wish to terminate at any stage, we only require the usual 7 days notice.


Our invoices are sent weekly with a 7 day payment term.  Cost of service is charged at an hourly rate with a weekly time report issued with all invoices.

We believe in giving you the best, most cost-effective service and that means full transparency in our weekly reports.

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