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I am so proud to say that after just over 2 years in business, I am now an international multi-award winner being announced as the APAC Insiders Virtual Assistant (VA) of the Year WA 2021 and Silver winner of Ausmumpreneur Virtual Assistant of the Year WA/SA 2021.

It was always my dream to strive to be one of the best in business and to grow to be THE businesspeople contact when they want to elevate their business to the next level and optimize their service.

It’s taken a lot of hard work and determination, but I have never wavered from my goal and I am now planning my next steps. I have a lot planned for 2022 so stay tuned!

As a sneak peek, I have some exciting news on the horizon…..I will be providing an announcement very soon.

I’ll also be updating my website to include some resource tools to assist you and your business along your journey.

It’s going to be another exciting year for Perth Virtual Services, and I’d like to thank all my past and current clients, my friends and family who have supported me along the way, and the amazing group of entrepreneurs I’ve met who have both challenged and inspired me to think bigger and continue following my heart.

As a mum of a beautiful boy, everything I accomplish is for our life together. Showing him how to follow your dreams despite the hurdles, to be larger than life and enjoy every moment, to be self-sufficient but involved in the community, and most of all to never give up.

A special thank you to my little man who inspires me beyond words every day and brings happiness to my heart that is second to none.

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