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Tips to Improve Communication in your Business

With many businesses these days, there are staff who work either on the road all day or remotely at home, and it’s quickly becoming the new norm.

The complication with this is that there is less and less face-to-face contact which can lead to a communication breakdown or lack of altogether. But there are ways around this.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like a Friday afternoon catching up with a beer to end the week, but these days it’s not always possible.

Below I’ve listed a few tips on how to keep on top of communication with remote staff and make it work.


Make sure each member feels included as part of the team. This does not mean you need to contact them every day, but just ensure contact is regular and they don’t feel left out. A quick call on a Friday afternoon to get a rundown of their week and any issues they may have had will help you keep on top of where things are at with your business and how they are feeling on the job.

Team Meetings:

Hold fewer team meetings. Yep, less is more. It’s often time-consuming for some staff to attend when everyone has different schedules and work to get done, so perhaps look at holding a team meeting once a month. Face-to-face is preferable but every second month could be via Zoom. This alleviates travel time which ends in lost time on the job which is often the reason many can’t attend. For those who are still unable to attend even with Zoom, you can record the meeting so they can watch it later on when they do have time, and they will still be up-to-date on what’s happening with the team and within the business.


With so many of us busy working, attending meetings, being on-site, on the job, travelling and everything else we do in a day, it can sometimes be hard to answer the phone and give 30 minutes of conversation. It is what it is. The option here for those in this situation is to email. That way, it’s in writing and it can be actioned and responded to at a suitable time. Unless of course, it is urgent, in which case obviously make the call!

Group Messaging:

If you have information you need to share, quick updates, team info etc it’s a great idea to send a group text or a group email. You could set up a weekly update to be shared to staff either first thing Monday with info/reminders for the week, or on a Friday with an update of what’s happened that week. This helps staff to feel included and up-to-date on where things are at.

Staff Newsletter:

A great way for everyone to be aware of what’s happening each month. You can include things like individual staff introductions for newbies, jokes to lighten the day, company updates, meeting dates/times, how to resolve issues on the job, how to deal with stress etc. It’s a great tool to provide everything in one place.

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